Best Android and iOS games of the week [07/30/2020]


Continuing our weekly column of best games for Android and iOS, this week, the last of July, we bring you the 10 most recent titles that caught our attention on mobile platforms.

In today’s listing we have games for all tastes and ages, such as’ Interloper ‘,’ Merge Dungeon ‘,’ Gloom: Digital Edition ‘,’ Aggretsuko: The Short Timer Strikes Back ‘,’ Narcos: Idle Cartel ‘,’ Beat Legend: AVICII ‘and more.

Aggretsuko: The Short Timer Strikes Back

Sanrio’s extraordinary character, “Aggretsuko”, from the hit Netflix Animation, is now available as a puzzle game!

Beat Legend: AVICII

“Fly through vocal melodies, immerse yourself in every fade and attack every beat in 15 of Avicii’s greatest hits, in this immersive action experience and futuristic rhythm. From the developers of the acclaimed AVICII Invector, Beat Legend: AVICII brings the frenetic rhythmic experience to mobile devices and brings mega-hits like Without You, Wake Me Up and Levels. Get ready and follow rhythmic regions of unexplored space in Beat Legend: AVICII!”

Merge Dungeon

“Enjoy combining items and crawling in the dungeons at the same time! Try to improve the RPG heroes, mix and organize items and participate in surprise events.”


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