Bessie Gatto admits it was “very hard” to announce her breakup with impractical jokers Joe Gatto: “The best for us”


Their new norm. After parting with Impractical Jokers graduate Joe Gatto, Bessie Gatto honestly spoke about the ups and downs that come with experience.

The activist also noted that “honest conversations” helped the couple move to the next stage in their life as co-parents. “We will always be a family, our children deserve both of us to be in their lives, so that we are both happy and prosperous,” she added. “We are very lucky that we can make life easier for all of us, in most cases this is not the case. But this is the best thing for us and the children. We still have a lot of laughter and family time.”

Earlier this year, 45-year-old Joe announced that he was leaving Impractical Jokers after 10 years for personal reasons.

“Sorry in advance for the long and more serious than usual note below, I just wanted you all to know that I will no longer be associated with impractical pranksters,” he wrote at the time on Instagram. “Together with my friends, I have dedicated a decade of my life to creating this franchise and am very proud of what has been achieved. However, due to some problems in my personal life, I have to leave. Bessie and I have decided to break up peacefully, so now I need to focus on being a better father and parent to our two wonderful children.”

At that time, Bessie told how serious life changes would affect their family. The former couple has a daughter Milana, 6 years old, and a son Remo, 4 years old.

“With love and respect, we decided to part ways. Although we won’t be a couple anymore, we will always be a family for our beautiful children, and we look forward to raising them together,” she shared on Instagram. “We ask you to respect our privacy while we go through this new chapter together. And, of course, we will continue to help animals and rescue dogs, and this is what we are both passionate about! ❤️ ”

After their paths parted, the comedian went on tour, and along the way received support from his family. “When I decided this week on my upcoming series of the show, which will begin in the Midwest, I obviously had no idea what life would look like at this moment,” the former truTV character wrote on Instagram in January, adding that he was “happy to share a little laughter” with his fans. “Regardless, we all need a little laughter and kindness right now, and that’s why I’m going to honor all my dates.”

For Bessie, an important part of the separation is “encouraging” Joe’s career by saying, “That’s not going to change. [Kids] love going to his shows and are proud of what he does, love listening to stories and watching videos about him on the road.”

Bessie, for her part, is focused on working with Animal Haven and Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs.

“I’ve been working with Animal Haven for many years. In fact, our very first adoption was from them! Biscotti was a scared timid puppy when we met her, and a few days later she snuggled up to us and we fell in love with adoption. Our first eldest was also one of them,” shared Bessie, who previously talked about her adoption efforts on social media. “Now my attention and passion is definitely focused on the elderly.”

She continued: “My best friend adopted a dog from Second Chance about three years ago and I started following them on social media. I was so flattered when I was asked to join the solemn committee. The last few weeks we have been busy preparing for the gala concert in May and met some of the most amazing female rescuers. I really like to get to know the rescue world from the inside.”