Berserker prepares the stage to headline a heartbreaking Golden Age moment


Warning! There are spoilers ahead for the 360 chapter of Berserk!

One of the most important Berserker scenes from the Golden Age, the one where Gats decides to leave the Hawk and Griffith Squad, can be repeated in the manga.

In addition to the consequences of Gats’ departure for the world of Berserk, the moment of his departure deeply shocked both readers and Hawks. The foundation of the Golden Age was laid on the entry of Gats into the Hawks, and the change in dynamics between Gats and Griffith was profound. The abuse of Gats as a child caused him to wander aimlessly alone around the world without any purpose, so he initially refused Griffith’s request to join the Hawk Squad. Despite the defeat and acceptance of his fate, he loved, respected and defended everything that the members of the Hawks and their leader Griffith stood for and fought for. For many chapters, the manga followed Gats as he fought in Griffith’s name, so when Gats eventually fought for his freedom again and won, everything changed.

The same thing could now happen to Lady Farnese, who joined Gats’ travels long after the end of the Golden Age. Although Gats had accumulated quite a few followers since becoming a Black Swordsman, Lady Farnese’s appearance and transformation were much more profound than the other members. Lady Farnese was originally an enemy of Guth and even served as a fanatical follower of a violent religion that condemned and sought to destroy one of Guth’s other comrades, Shirke, because she was a witch. But after meeting Gats in Berserk, Lady Farnese noticed a mistake in her path and, joining him, began practicing witchcraft. Lady Farnese had been a lost soul up to this point, and although she eventually found a purpose with Gats, it seems she found her true calling on Skellig Island. In the 360th chapter of “Berserk” by the late mangaka Kentaro Miura, it turns out that, although magicians starting as adults are not nearly as capable as child magicians, Lady Farnese achieves incredible success in just a few months, which usually takes a year or even more for child magicians. three years to completion.

With plans to learn many other powerful spells there, it is likely that Lady Farnese will not leave Skellig Island with Gats because she has found her place. Although Shirke helped introduce Lady Farnese to magic, Shirke herself is only a trained witch and cannot give the teachings that Lady Farnese can receive on Skellig. Moreover, Lady Farnese’s main goal in the Gats troupe was to protect the Helmet, whose almost catatonic state made her survival solely dependent on others. Now that the Berserker has restored Casca’s mind, Lady Farnese has no one to protect. Her potential breakup would be an emotional moment, much like Gats’ decision to leave the Hawk Squad during the Golden Age.

Of course, it’s unlikely that Lady Farnese’s supposed departure would have as much of an impact on Gats as Gats’ own decision to leave the Hawk Squad for Griffith, because Griffith became dependent on Gats to such an extent that Gats’ departure caused Griffith’s life to unravel. Although Kaska still suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder, Kaska has once again become the confident and influential woman she once was. However, the way Gats helped Lady Farnese adopt a new philosophy of life will make her departure much more profound and heartbreaking when Berserk finally makes his grand return.