Berserk: Reveal everything about the latest chapter of Kentaro Miura and his future


Following the passing of Kentaro Miura, Young Animal has been informing fans about the future of the franchise.


Without a doubt, the loss of Kentaro Miura, author of Berserk, the void that he has left in the manga industry and in art history is immeasurable. That is why an important part of his fans decided to show their respect and admiration for him and his work. However, its publisher has had to resolve doubts about this franchise.

According to Comicbook, Young Animal publisher has given a message about the future of the franchise: ‘We are very sorry to inform you that at the moment we have no information about the future of Berserk. But, as Young Animal, the publisher that worked with this work and with Kentaro Miura, we can tell you that our priority would always be on him (Miura) and what he would do if he were still here. ‘

Young Animal’s statement continues: ‘Last but not least, we have a message for our fans in Japan and around the world. We have read all the letters you have sent. We would like to once again express our gratitude for your continued support. ‘ So, at the moment, there is no confirmation or not of the details of the posthumous ending of Berserk.

Also the Berserk editorial confirmed that the last published chapter could be the end of the saga. They want this to be a memorial to Kentaro Miura. This has been written with the support of the group of assistants that Master Miura had. So, surely the long-awaited end of the saga, was the closest to what its author would have wanted.

The Final Chapter of Berserk by Kentaro Miura

For its part, the reactions to the latest chapter of Bersebrk published under the authorship of Kentaro Miura and with the support of his assistants has been memorable. In these last scenes, we can see the long-awaited meeting between Griffith and Guts, one of the moments that will mark the end of an era.

But, not only that, the beauty with which Berserk has closed has satisfied its community of fans, who have indicated that they do not need a continuation of this historic end.

Thus, fans around the world have celebrated the pages that are now the greatest memorial to its author, Kentaro Miura.

‘If this is the end, I am very happy that this is the end as every time I read Berserk. Thanks for everything, Kentaro Miura.

‘I am terribly sad. Miura’s latest art is as phenomenal as ever. Goodbye, Berserk.

‘I recently read the last chapter and I’m not well. Those last three pages have broken me… I can’t believe this is the end, but I am extremely happy with the experience I had with this absolute masterpiece. Thank you, Master Miura, for creating my favorite piece of art and fiction.


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