Berserk must explain Gats’ connection to Griffith’s formidable apostle


Warning! Spoilers for chapters 277 and 278 of Berserk!

Almost 100 chapters ago, Berserk hinted that Gats and Griffith’s formidable apostle Zodd the Immortal were somehow connected by more than just hatred. But now that Berserk is on the way back again at the end of this month, we hope that Kentaro Miura’s close friend Koji Mori, who is following the project, will sooner or later answer the burning questions of fans.

Although Berserk began when the apostles going berserk were commonplace, Gats first encountered these demons during the Golden Age when such creatures should not have existed-when everything, for the most part, was relatively normal. And the apostle whom Gats had the misfortune to cross was Zodd himself. Thus, their first meeting was fateful not only for Gats, but also for the series as a whole. It served as a sobering realization that their world is much bigger and scarier than anyone could have imagined.

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From the moment they first crossed swords during the Golden Age Hundred Years’ War, the relationship between Zodd and Gats was more than just enemies. Zodd is one of the strongest apostles of Berserk. But chapter 277 of “Berserker” takes this dynamic to a whole other level when flashbacks show how Zodd receives a prophecy from the young but powerful medium Griffith. The prophecy predicts that Zodd must fight alongside the supposed enemy, and although the medium’s words are mysterious, the apostle later realizes that the medium meant Gats when they encounter the powerful apostle. But the following words from Griffith’s environment stand out: “You have a choice… just like your double. The one you’re drawn to.”

Of course, skeptical fans may simply attribute the “doppelganger” as a reference to the moment when Gats and Zodd later have to decide in chapter 277 whether to fight together with this powerful apostle. But the fact that she also refers to Gats as the one to whom Zodd addresses adds additional meaning to Gats’ status as Zodd’s doppelganger. This is especially true if we consider the actions of Zodd every time he had the opportunity to kill Gats or succumb to his innate desire to make a sacrifice, having had enough of his flesh. Zodd has repeatedly allowed Gats to live for reasons he attributes to various forces beyond his control. During the Golden Age, the apostle leaves Gats to his fate, rather than intervening once he realizes Gats’ future status as a victim for Griffith’s Eclipse. Then, in chapter 278, Zodd blames duty and slavery-even the desire to fight Gats when he is at his strongest. If fate still plays an important role in Zodd’s role as Griffith’s royal servant, then, as before, it is fate that prolongs their long-standing enmity and allows them both to survive.

From the moment they fought together, the paths of Gats and Zodd no longer crossed, as the apostle continues to help Griffith as he restores peace in Berserk, and Gats ends his time on Skellig Island. But it is clear that they will have to face each other again, whether it is just to cross swords on the battlefield or to learn more about the prophecy. Gats is undoubtedly still under the impression from the first day he met Zodd, when the immortal warrior single-handedly killed most of Gats’ personal battalion, the Raiders. In fact, Gats had claims against Zodd the Immortal for longer than he had a desire to take revenge on Griffith, and that says something.