Berserk: Fans Pay Homage to Miura in Final Fantasy XIV


Berserk: This Thursday morning (20), we learned about the sad news about the death of Kentaro Miura, known especially as the author of the Berserk manga. Although he died of a cardiovascular problem on May 6, the event was only released today by the publisher Hakusensha, responsible for the publication of his work.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Miura fans to pay their respects on social media, but the story didn’t stop there. As our Voxel editor, Vinícius Munhoz, reported on Twitter, several Final Fantasy XIV players gathered in the MMO for a special tribute.

They met in the same area and did the same pose using the Dark Knight job to reference Berserk. There is no doubt that even for those who did not know the manga or anime, it was an incredible moment. The scene was not only exciting, but also showed great empathy on the part of the players.

If you were unable to check this moment live within the game, you can still check out the tribute video above. Even if he left, we know that Kentaro Miura will continue to inspire his old and future fans with his unforgettable work.


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