Bentley unveils electricity conversion roadmap


Luxury car manufacturer Bentley will build its entire vehicle portfolio from hybrid or all-electric models from 2026. Aiming to transform into a structure where carbon emissions are zero from end to end, the company announced some of the steps it will take in the coming years to achieve this goal.

Hybrid models of all Bentley’s existing cars will be announced by 2023. For the first fully electric model, it will be necessary to wait until 2025. The company will only sell hybrid and electric vehicles by 2026. From 2030, Bentley’s catalog will consist entirely of electric cars.

The timeline announced by Bentley for the electrical conversion is similar to the calendars announced by other companies. Bentley’s roof company, Volkswagen, also announced that it would stop producing fuel-powered cars by 2026. The company will also build its own electric car batteries and charging stations until this date.

Bentayga, Bentley’s first hybrid model, made its debut last year. This car can travel with zero emissions for 29 kilometers on a full charge. According to Autocar’s report, the company has also started work on its first fully electric car.

On the one hand, Bentley aims to zero carbon emissions in all of its operations. The company, which will confirm the sustainability criteria of its supplies, aims to minimize the carbon emission impact in its factory by 2025.

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