Bentley Announces the Bentley Bentayga Numbers It Sells


The UK-based major automaker Bentley announced how many of the Bentley Bentayga models are known as the world’s most luxurious SUVs.

Bentley recently shared Bentley Bentayga sales figures. Bentley Bentayga has sold 20,000 copies since its inception. Based on a Bentley Bentayga weighing 2,387 kilograms, there is now a population of 47,754,204 kilograms of Bentley Bentayga in the world. In addition, the total weight of 47.754,204 kilograms of these 20,000 Bentley Bentayga around the world makes a big difference in weight to the last battle cruiser 43,027,772 kilograms HMS Hood built for the British Navy.

Since its debut, Bentley Bentayga is one of the most profitable cars in Bentley, with an average of 13.7 units sold per day for four years. In addition, Bentley’s sales success with the Bentayga model paves the way for it to better compete with brands such as Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin, which dominate the ultra luxury SUV car market, and create new markets for itself.

Bentley Bentayga’s performance features:

Bentley Bentayga SUV is a complete ‘tank’ with its twin-turbo 12-cylinder engine with 600 horsepower and a weight of nearly 3 tons. In addition, Bentayga, which has 8-speed automatic gear, reaches 0-100 kilometers in 4 seconds and can reach 300 kilometers per hour as the highest speed. For a vehicle weighing more than 2 tons, the 0-100 value for 4 seconds and the speed of 300 kilometers are truly impressive details.

Although Bentley Bentayga is not the fastest or most aesthetically pleasing Bentley model, it is both a good alternative for many users by combining Bentley quality, luxury and comfort in an SUV car, and contributing to Bentley’s continued life in the automobile industry by reaching profitable sales figures. It features.


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