Benjamin Samat likes to pose in front of documentaries!


On social networks, Benjamin Samat has shown that he really enjoys animal documentaries! Since the filming of Marseillais vs. the Rest of the World ended, Benjamin Samat has changed his life! Like many reality TV contestants, he decided to settle in Dubai.

And it would seem that it was the best decision of his life! Indeed, this great city fills him with happiness!

Moreover ! Benjamin Samat even met love. He’s crazy about Maddy! They are no longer hiding! Oh no! Not a day goes by without them showing their love!

A big first for fans of the handsome brunette who weren’t used to seeing him happy since his breakup with Alix.

As a reminder, the Marseillais then sided with Marine El Himer. But their relationship seemed quite toxic due to the trio with Océane!


To this day, Benjamin Samat is therefore a happy man! He lives his best life in Dubai, between sport, good food, evenings with friends, and swimming days with his sweetheart!

But that’s not all ! Benjamin Samat is also a big fan of documentaries! And not just any! Since he therefore enjoys animal documentaries!

Eh yes ! You do not dream ! Handsome Benji loves animals very much! And it must be said that animal documentaries are very calming!

So it’s a great program during these bad days in Dubai. Indeed, it has been raining there for a few days!

But whatever, Benjamin Samat knows how to have fun! He then declared on Instagram: “I am on the couch and I cannot move. You know when you get stuck in front of this kind of reporting, it’s too hard to pick up! “

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