Benjamin Samat (Les Marseillais) impressive victim of theft


On vacation with his friend in the Balearic Islands, Benjamin Samat made a headline when he returned to his vacation home … Indeed, all his belongings were gone.

“We got robbed while we were at the restaurant last night. They took everything: clothes, bags, computers, go-pro, everything! They forced a shutter and a window, they blew up a door, they feasted. It was Disney to them, “said Alix’s ex!

However, Benjamin Samat immediately put things into perspective! Indeed, via his Instagram story, the candidate of the Marseillais finally concluded as follows: “It is only material. ”


Yesterday, Benjamin Samat posted a photo of him on vacation! A shirtless snapshot of him that the young man has accompanied with a long legend to give his news!

Thus, here is what the Marseillais wrote: “I return tomorrow to Marseilles. What do you think is my next destination (other than my insurer ..)? Just in case, those who are hot to come with me, comment and tag your friends that we are taking with us! ”

Could one thus read! A post which made the Internet users react a lot! MCE TV therefore invites you to discover some Internet user comments! “You would rather laugh at your burglary than cry, bravo Benjamin Samat! ”

“Me personally, I dream of going on vacation alone with you Benjamin”, Can we read on the social network of the handsome brown! A post that we let you admire in turn below!


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