What are the Benefits of Self-Speaking According to Science?


Talking to yourself may be a bit strange, but according to experts, this has many benefits. So what are these benefits? Let’s look closely.

In some cases, you may think that you are the only person you need to talk to, but it is important to remember that there are types of talking to yourself. Let’s say that some of these species are better than other species. You should try to talk to yourself.

In August, Inverse magazine consulted some experts about how it might be useful to talk to you. Experts, rather than spoken speech, such as mental speech, such as speech can be of great benefit, he said.

Talking to yourself can help you reach your goals:
Positive conversations with yourself can help you set goals and achieve them. The reason for this is that you are simply talking to yourself. Talking to yourself helps to analyze yourself.

In August, Professor Judy Van Raalte of the University of Springfield made statements to the Inverse magazine. Judy Van Raalte said that the act of speaking to yourself should not prevent you from missing benefits naturally.

Van Raalte said the effort was like trying to specialize in a sport rather than an instant one. So if you’re not talking to yourself, at least try it. In addition, Van Raalte added that this effort would become automatic and would not require any effort.

Talking to yourself is a skill you can develop, but you can also mislead this activity:
Professor Thomas Brinthaupt of Middle Tennesee State University told the same journal that positive speeches can strengthen behavioral, cognitive and emotional goals, but did not add: ele┼čt We can also criticize ourselves with negative speech. ”

So what’s the right way to talk to yourself?
A study conducted in 2017 revealed that the best way to have a positive conversation with yourself is to call yourself with your name or with your pronoun. So avoid using the word I while talking to yourself.

Using third-party pronouns when you’re talking to yourself makes people think they’re thinking about other people. Thus, you establish the psychological distance required to maintain control.


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