Bend Studio shared an art that adds a deacon from Days Gone to the giraffe scene in The Last of Us


“Some of Us” is full of iconic moments, although one of the most memorable is the giraffe episode. Bend Studio recently paid homage to this scene with a piece of art, a post dedicated to the launch of The Last of Us Part 1.

For those who are not familiar with the work of Bend Studio, the developer has released several strong games. Siphon Filter is one of such games, the studio has also released Uncharted: Golden Abyss for PS Vita. Most recently, she released Days Gone for PlayStation 4, an interesting open-world game that has a lot of fans. While Bend is hard at work on its next game, which won’t be a sequel to Days Gone, the developer still shared some art with Deacon St. John in the title role.

The art in question, created by Bend Studio senior concept artist Kathy Scott, did not throw Deacon into his own world teeming with phreakers. Instead, he was thrown into another post-apocalyptic universe full of zombie-like enemies, as he is depicted standing next to Joel and Ellie. Since The Last of Us Part 1 has just been released, Bend Studio’s art is perfectly timed and serves as a celebration of the remake of the award-winning PlayStation 5 game.

The scene in which Deacon is inserted is one of the most iconic moments of the entire franchise, as he finds himself at the moment when Joel and Ellie notice the giraffe. Fans have been drawing the giraffe scene in The Last of Us for years, and this part is the last of many interpretations, although the role of the Deacon instantly highlights this part. When Ellie strokes the giraffe, as in the modern classic Naughty Dog, Joel looks away. Deacon comforts him when the biker puts his hand on Joel’s back.

Given the similarities between the world of Days Gone and the universe of The Last of Us, it makes sense that Deacon will have all the skills necessary to survive in battles with Nutcrackers and Bloat. With his trusty motorcycle, numerous weapons, and experience in surviving such threats, he would be a useful ally for Joel. Considering how both have suffered crushing losses, they will probably have something in common that can lead to the emergence of friendship. Thinking about Deacon and Joel’s conversation at this moment is interesting, what makes the piece even more special than its obvious beauty.

For those who love this kind of cross art, similar holiday messages were seen when other PlayStation exclusives were released, and they can all be easily found online. With the launch of God of War Ragnarok approaching, similar PlayStation Studios art is likely to appear in a few months.

The Last of Us Part 1 is already available on PS5. The PC version is currently under development.


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