Benchmark test of Galaxy A42 confuses


The smartphone numbered SM-A426B, believed to be the Samsung Galaxy A42, has passed the benchmark test of Geekbench. Thanks to the test result, it is possible to see some important technical features of the Galaxy A42.

The phone, which will come out of the box with the Android 10 operating system, seems to have 4 GB of RAM. The presence of the phrase “litho”, which represents Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, is outstanding in the main board section. In addition, there are signs in the processor information section in the same direction. However, the source code of the web page tells a different story.

It is seen in the code that the device carries the Adreno 619 graphics processor unit. However, Snapdragon 765G has Adreno 620 graphics processor unit. This suggests that the Galaxy A42 may come with a Snapdragon 690 processor. However, this chipset also uses the Adreno 619L as a graphics processor.

It hasn’t yet given an official tip for Samsung’s Galaxy A42. However, the smartphone was approved by the 3C certification committee in China last month, and it turned out to carry a battery with a capacity of 4860 mAh.

The Samsung Galaxy A42 will allegedly have 128 GB of internal storage. The beginning of 2021 is marked for the output of the smartphone.


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