Ben Stiller Broke Up With Kristin Taylor. Then The Pandemic Changed Everything


It is quite difficult to imagine that the COVID-19 pandemic has positive aspects. But for actors Ben Stiller and Kristin Taylor and their family, there really was an advantage in being locked up and having nowhere to go. The longtime Hollywood comedy couple broke up in 2017, but, according to Stiller, because of the pandemic, everything changed.

Ben Stiller took part in a detailed description of his life and career for Esquire, in which he discusses everything from his meteoric rise to fame in the late 90s and early 00s to his struggle with pancreatic cancer, the loss of his parents, a hit. his career began after the failure of Zoolander 2 and his separation from Taylor. In an interview, the “Meet the Parents” actor says that when the pandemic began, he and Taylor agreed that it would be better for them to return together to spend time with their children while they are locked up. And according to the actor, over time their relationship unexpectedly resumed. Stiller told the publication:

Then, over time, it developed. We broke up and got back together, and we are happy about it. It was really wonderful for all of us. Unexpectedly, and this is one of the things that came out of the pandemic.

What a remarkable story. Despite the fact that many tragedies were experienced during the 2020 pandemic, it is nice to hear that this family received something positive during these difficult times. The Tropic Thunder director says he believes the key to a successful relationship is respecting the differences you share with your partner. He continued:

We respect what we are like and what we are different in. And I think by accepting that, you can really appreciate someone more because you’re not trying to make them change for you. Once you accept this, you will save a lot of energy.

This is sound relationship advice from a bouncer actor.

Stiller, best known for his comedic works such as the “Night at the Museum” trilogy, has recently been devoting a lot of time to creating more dramatic works. He is currently working on a documentary about his parents Jerry Stiller and Ann Mira, which tells about their 61-year marriage and time spent in the popular comedy team “Stiller and Meara”. He is also deeply engaged in post-production of the second season of his popular workplace satire Severance, all nine episodes of which he directed. While the actor may have a busy schedule and a host of new projects (like his upcoming adaptation of Rachel Maddow’s book “The Bag Man”) on the horizon, the actor told Esquire that the pandemic has changed his outlook on his career and his family. He told the publication that children look at their parents’ careers differently. He said:

I realized that your children are not following your career.

A new look at family life and the revival of relationships is an unexpected plus of the COVID—19 pandemic. While I’m sorry it didn’t take such a terrible time in world history, I’m happy for Ben Stiller and Kristin Taylor. We wish all the best for their lovely family. If readers are interested in seeing a Hollywood couple together on screen, “Bouncers: The True Story of a Loser” is available on an HBO Max subscription. You can also watch them play one of the main roles in the hilarious fashion satire Zoolander by subscribing to Hulu.

Although “The Man with the Bag” is not yet included in the release schedule of new films in 2023, Ben Stiller hopes that this will be his next major directorial work. In the meantime, fans of the Renaissance man can enjoy the first season of the Severance series, which is available to everyone who has an Apple TV+ subscription.


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