Ben Simmons’ lover Kendall Jenner: Tinashe gives all the details


Ben Simmons is said to have deceived and then left Tinashe for Kendall Jenner. Hard blow for the beautiful brunette after two years of relationship!

New rumors are running in Hollywood! Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner would get back together! Poor Tinashe who had conquered the heart of the handsome Australian for more than two years!

While she thought their idyll in great shape, the beautiful Tinashe learned terrible news … Her lover, Ben Simmons, cheated on him with top model Kendall Jenner! The singer’s friends were very worried about her. She would have been in depression following this revelation. Indeed, learning that her partner cheated on her was very difficult. But the real blow comes from the fact that this relationship is more serious than it seems…

Remember, the Australian basketball player cheated on Tinashe with Kendall Jenner. The top model and Ben Simmons together again? The couple’s fans were delighted to hear this great news! But don’t get too excited! This relationship had already hurt in 2018 …

In 2018, when Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner got together , the basketball player cheated on him while continuing to see his ex Tinashe. This news had made a lot of noise on the canvas, a shock for the fans! The model had received numerous messages of support at the time. Tinashe, on the other hand, had suffered a lot from this betrayal and took months to recover!

During an interview for Us Weekly before the Grammy Awards, singer Tinashe confided in her depression : “When I knew they were dating, it was perhaps the worst day of my life. I drank for, like, six months after I found out. I was drunk for months. But I’m fine now. It was horrible. It was awful. Really awful genre, but everything is fine now. “

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