Ben McKenzie: Where is Ryan Atwood From The OC Series?


Do you know where Ben McKenzie, the Ryan Atwood of the iconic series The OC, is? Since starring in the classic series, Ben has participated in several productions and had a very happy family life. With an undeniable talent and working on television since 2002, the actor has marked an entire generation of fans.

So how about finding out everything that happened to him after the series finale in 2007? Be sure to read to the end to find out more!

Find out what happened to Ben McKenzie after The OC

Between 2003 and 2007, the actor had his first prominent role as Ryan Atwood. Alongside stars Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, Peter Gallagher and Rachel Bilson, the series The OC told the story of a group of friends from Orange County and the difficulties they went through as a teenager. During the 4 seasons, the series received several awards, such as the PRISM Award and the Teen Choice Awards.

As of 2007, the actor participated in several films, such as 88 Minutes, Johnny Got His Gun and The Eight Percent. Back in 2009, he landed a lead role in the series Southland, which he stayed on until 2013. In it, he played Ben Sherman, a Los Angeles department cop with family problems and much respected for his work in the city.

In 2014, the artist was one of the protagonists of the series Gotham, created by Bruno Heller for Warner Channel. In the plot, Ben McKenzie was James Gordon, one of Batman’s main allies. For the role, the actor was nominated for a People’s Choice Awards in the “Favorite Actor” category in A New Series for Television.

Gotham was broadcast between 2014 and 2019. In the meantime, McKenzie has also been very dedicated to his family life. He married Brazilian castmate Morena Baccarin, also known as Deadpool and Homeland, with whom he remains to this day. In fact, in March 2021, the couple had their second child!

Since the end of the Warner series, what has happened to Ben McKenzie has been some relevant productions, such as the thriller Line of Duty and the political drama The Report. However, with the pandemic, the actor took the time to dedicate himself to his family, taking advantage of social networks to share photos of his wife and children – although he also maintains a profile out of the spotlight, as the last publication was made in May of 2021.

So far, the actor has not revealed more information about future projects. So stay tuned to the site to find out where Ben McKenzie is!

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