Ben Affleck’s “Batman” Was Like James Bond: How Could It Work


It is reported that Ben Affleck’s Batman movie influenced James Bond, which could manifest itself in several ways. As one of several proposed Justice League spin-offs by Zack Snyder that remain unrealized projects, Affleck’s Batman movie eventually turned into Matt Reeves’ Batman after Affleck’s departure. Although Affleck turned down the role of the Caped Crusader before the release of Snyder’s version of “Justice League”, the actor later returned for additional filming, and also signed up for the upcoming DC multiverse movie “Flash”.

In a recent interview, Matt Reeves spoke about Affleck’s “Batman” script, calling it very “combative” and “James Bond.” the way this could have happened is in Batman’s famous technological elements, similar to 007 elements. While every Batman on the big screen used sophisticated bat-themed gadgets, Affleck’s film may have paid more attention to this than usual.

Concept art released by artist Keith Christensen supports this idea with Affleck’s flexibly armored Batman suit and his crime-fighting technology emphasized to the level of James Bond in the uncut film. As the only cinematic Batman living in the world of meta-humans and being a member of the Justice League, Affleck’s Bruce Wayne improving his tools and weapons for potential super-powered opponents goes without saying. It could also have been an important element in his conflict with the villainous, sword-wielding killer Detstroke, when Batman relied on all his technological might that he was capable of. Reeves’ comment may also point to the Bond-inspired roles of some minor characters in Affleck’s Batman movie.

In addition to his fellow heroes, Batman’s closest allies are his butler and confidant Alfred Pennyworth and Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon. While both are staples of Batman movies, a Bond-style Batman movie could turn their roles into supportive allies like the Q from the 007 franchise. Known for his technical support of James Bond, Q may have influenced the way Affleck wrote the script for the roles of Alfred and Gordon.

Previously, Reeves stated that Affleck’s script also features other major DC characters, and Detstroi actor Joe Manganiello once said that Batgirl would help Bruce against his character. Along with Alfred and Gordon, other possible cameos of the film’s heroes could play a role similar to that of MI6, as an intelligence and auxiliary body of the Dark Knight.

Since the release of Snyder Cut, Affleck’s Batman movie has remained an object of intense attention. Interest is periodically fueled by storyboards such as Defstroke fighting Batman, released by artist Jay Oliva, and comments similar to those offered by Reeves. Since Affleck’s script is not publicly available, Reeves’ description of him as “James Bond” gives an intriguing but incomplete picture of what Affleck was aiming for. However, Batman’s advanced technology and the supporting roles of allies such as Alfred, Gordon and other heroes remade in the style of James Bond seem to be a strong assumption for Affleck’s Batman story.