Ben Affleck Slaps Netflix And Promises a Quality Debut With Jason Bateman From His Studio on Nike Air Jordan


It looks like Ben Affleck still has some parts of his “Disappeared” character, Nick Dunn, living inside of him, considering how he beat Netflix in front of its CEO, and all with a smile on his face, promoting his own production. For those who live in a cave, the New York Times DealBook summit was held on November 30, which gave the MET Gala an opportunity to make money. The summit was basically a MET Gala for business geniuses, and its guest list included CEOs of almost every major company from Amazon to Netflix.


Ben Affleck, who recently transitioned from his Golden Globe and BAFTA-winning acting career to starting a production company with his “Good Will Hunting” co-star Matt Damon, was also there. The actor of “Disappeared” shared valuable information about where, in his opinion, the Hollywood industry is moving.

Ben Affleck turned to Netflix co-director Reed Hastings

The BAFTA Award-winning actor was invited to speak on the topic “Rethinking the Role of the creator in the entertainment industry.” And if you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that Netflix, with its numerous releases, is now one of the most famous creators of entertainment. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Batman actor, who recently became CEO of the production company Artists Equity, did not bat an eye before calling the streaming giant.

If you look at Ben Affleck’s filmography, you’ll probably notice that the actor almost never starred in meaningless commercial films. He believes that filmmaking “is a thing that requires attention, dedication and work, and it resists the conveyor process.” The actor went on to say, “If you ask Reed Hastings (co-CEO and chairman of Netflix)… he’ll say, ‘Hey, we went to the number to leave a mark.’

Now his outstanding chin line or strong-willed attitude is to blame, but the actor simply could not skimp on words. In addition, Affleck firmly believes that it is impossible to produce five masterpieces at the same time. And he, along with Matt Damon, will make sure that there are still good films in Hollywood that people return to years later. Universal decided to make a series about the deal between Michael Jordan and Nike. He already has such talents as Jason Bateman and Viola Davis.

Are you excited to see what Ben Affleck has to offer as a producer? Let us know in the comments below.


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