Ben Affleck reveals why he left “The Batman”


Ben Affleck reveals why he left “The Batman”. The actor made his first appearance as the Dark Knight in “Batman v Superman”.

In recent days we have witnessed various reactions to the appearance that Robert Pattinson will wear in ” The Batman, ” directed by Matt Reeves .

If things had been different, we would be waiting for the portagonized solo film written and directed by Ben Affleck , who played the character in ” Batman v Superman ” and ” Justice League .”

In January 2017, Affleck made public that he would not direct the film, although he still showed his intentions to act on it. It was not until January 2019, when it was official that the actor was withdrawing from the character.

Mixed criticism of ” Batman v Superman ” or the replacement of Zack Snyder by Joss Whedon in ” Justice League” , which resulted in a very light version of the original vision of the project, could influence the actor’s decision.

In a talk with The New York Times , the actor talked about some problems he went through at the time.

“I drank relatively normally for a long time. What happened was that I started drinking more and more when my marriage was falling. This was in 2015, 2016. My drink, of course, caused more marital problems.”

Later, he confirms that, in effect, it was the low reception in “ Justice League ” that discouraged him from continuing with the project.

Now sober, we can see Affleck in ” The Way Back “, a drama about a reluctant basketball coach who deals with his alcoholism while his marriage falls apart.


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