Ben Affleck returns to the role of Batman


As reported by Vanity Fair and confirmed by director Andy Muschietti, Ben Affleck will return to the role of Batman in The Flash. We will also be watching Michael Keaton as Batman in the same movie.

Finally, Ben Affleck, who we watched under his black cloak in Justice League, officially returns to his role as Batman. According to information provided by Vanity Fair, a magazine on culture, fashion and politics, Ben Affleck will once again play the role of Batman / Bruce Wayne in The Flash, which is scheduled to be released in 2022.

The news that excited DC fans was also confirmed by director Andy Muschietti. Stating that The Flash movie will focus on the story of the character Barry Allen / Flash, as the name suggests, Muschietti stated that Batman and Flash characters are more emotionally connected to each other than we think.

Andy Muschietti: Batman and Flash are more emotionally attached than we think

Batman / Bruce Wayne also visited Barry Allen while teaming up to stop Steppenwolf in the Justice League and included Flash in perhaps the most powerful superhero team in the DC universe.

Although Batman and Flash will meet for the first time in a new project in The Flash movie, we will have the chance to watch it together once again in the Snyder Cut version of Justice League, which will be released on HBO Max.

Michael Keaton will appear as Batman in The Flash movie.

According to the information provided about The Flash movie, The Flash movie will follow Flashpoint, which follows an alternative timeline in the comics. If you’re wondering what a production will come out, consider Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie as a reference.

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We will not see a single Batman in The Flash movie, as there will be an alternative timeline. Michael Keaton, who plays Tim Burton’s Batman nicknamed Caped Crusader, released in 1989, will also accompany Ben Affleck in The Flash. We last saw Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming in a superhero movie.


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