Ben Affleck denies that he was a member of Raya after the sale of Emma Hernan from Sunset, claims that they are the same


Are they connected? Emma Hernan hit the headlines during season 5 of “Sunset Sale” when she claimed Ben Affleck tried to slip into her DM, which he has since turned to.

“Raya has confirmed that he has not been an active participant for several years,” a representative for the 49—year-old director of Argo said in a statement to People on Friday, April 22.

The founder of Emma Leigh & Co, 30, told co-star Krischel Staus during the 5th episode of the 5th season of Selling Sunset, which aired on Netflix on Friday, that the couple exchanged a few nice messages.

“He could write to me, or he could not write,” Emma said in the episode. “He may or may not have asked for… coffee several times.”

The 40-year-old All My Children graduate, who met with boss Jason Oppenheim during their recorded conversation, toured Hollywood real estate with Emma before they took a break to chat about her personal life and potential suitors. Crishell then asked her co-star if she had used any dating apps, a la Raya, to meet someone interesting.

“Remember when Ben Affleck went viral because he, like, sent some girl [something],” the Kentucky native mused, before Emma noted that she was one of the recipients of the actor’s private messages. Crischell added: “You could have interfered with Bennifer. He was out hunting.

While Emma explained that the two have never met in person, she called their messages “nice,” before revealing the star’s opening phrase “Clever Will Hunting” to get her attention. She added: “We have a connection with Boston. It was very nice.”

The real estate agent claimed that their flirtatious messages occurred shortly before he reunited with ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez in April 2021. The 52-year-old “Marry Me” star confirmed earlier this month that the couple got engaged for the second time.

Emma, for her part, has been single ever since she joined Selling Sunset in season 4. She previously dated Peter Cornell, another Oppenheim Group agent who was also involved with another Netflix personality, Christine Quinn. Emma and the 33-year-old author of How to Become a Boss Bitch argued about their dating history during season 4, when Kristin claimed that Peter cheated on her with an entrepreneur specializing in empanada. (Emma has since denied the claims.)

“But I’m sure, of course, that me and Crischell, you know, [now we’re] single together [and] we’re going to have fun like girls.”

When Emma tries to find Mr. Right, she showed off her flirtatious side in Friday’s episodes after establishing a bond with real estate developer Mika. She admired his charming personality and good looks in several confessions before accepting his offer of a date to check out his upcoming mescaleria.

“Mika and I definitely have something special,” the Boston native told Entertainment Tonight on Friday, noting that their budding romance is dragging on. “We definitely still enjoy each other’s company.”