Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Have Been Looking For a Home For Months. Why Is There Pressure to Close Now


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s house-hunting saga was fun to watch. It’s a bit like a fairy tale about Goldilocks: “This one is too big. This one is too big too!” Now, however, it seems that they may have found a home that is “just right”, but the time is approaching with some additional pressure.

The Saga of the House Hunt

Affleck and Lopez have been looking for a home in Los Angeles for months. At one point it looked like they were ready to buy a $50 million house with 17 bathrooms, but it didn’t work out. Then a second, cheaper property appeared — this time it cost a paltry $34.5 million — and they made an offer for a house with 7 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. I think Jenny from the Block didn’t like this block either, because the escrow of this property also failed.

Meanwhile, about a week ago, Bennifer found a third house that seemed to be “just right.” This house didn’t have 17 bathrooms, and it wasn’t put up for sale for a paltry $34.5 million. In fact, this third house costs $64 million and has 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. So it seems to be a good combination of the features of the other two houses, and we hope this is a dream home for the couple, because now the family seems to have a little time.

These two live in California, in the Los Angeles area, and the county wants to increase taxes on some of these huge homes in Pacific Palisades and other areas of the county. A new law comes into force on April 1. TMZ, which noted changes in tax legislation, did not name specific figures if the house in Pacific Palisades does not close by the end of the month, but the publication noted that “the financial consequences are huge.”

It usually takes 30 to 45 days to close a house, and we found out that Ben and J.Lo were in escrow for their new home less than two weeks ago. However, if the buyer and seller agree on a specific closing time, or they are both on escrow a little longer than the news cycle knows about it, they can potentially hit that date before April 1 and save some money in the process.

It is also worth noting the fact that the couple was previously on escrow and refused. Thus, it is unclear whether this house is 100% suitable, although one could hope for it.

It’s a busy time for Lopez and Affleck

It’s a busy time for a couple. Ben Affleck is busy promoting his new movie “Air” with Matt Damon. We learned quite a lot about Air before its release, but now the film has premiered at SXSW, and the actor and producer have been in the press recently. Lopez just celebrated the launch of her new shoe collection this weekend, so she’s been busy too. In addition, it is worth noting that her husband missed the launch of the shoe collection for the aforementioned Air promotion. So, it’s easy to see how some difficulties have arisen in finding their ideal home.

Meanwhile, J.Lo’s current property has been up for sale for some time, and it looks like Bennifer is serious about finding a suitable place for her mixed families after the wedding. Only now, of course, it seems that there is not enough time anymore.


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