Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez “Couldn’t Be Happier” amid Drama about Dating App “Sunset Sale”: it “does not affect” them


Brush it away! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are not embarrassed that Emma Hernan from “Sunset Sale” has talked about her alleged exchange of Paradise with the actor in the reality show.

“It was blown out of proportion. Everyone always tries to make Ben look bad, but he didn’t do anything wrong. He was on a dating app when he was alone.”

During an episode of the fifth season of the popular Netflix show, the 30-year-old realtor of the Oppenheim Group chatted with colleague Krischel Staus about her personal life and mentioned that she used the dating app Raya. “He could write to me, or he could not write,” the entrepreneur told the director of Argo. “He may or may not have asked for… coffee several times.”

Hernan enthusiastically stated that she and Affleck have a “Boston connection,” recalling that his “original pickup line” was connected to the East Coast. According to the model, the altercation occurred “right before” the Oscar winner reunited with Lopez in April 2021.

“You could have interfered with Bennifer,” Stauss, 40, replied.

The “Justice League” star denied Hernan’s story after the new season debuted on Friday, April 22. “They matched up, exchanged messages, they never met,” Affleck’s rep told us in a statement.

A few days later, founder Emma Leigh & Co. continued to respond to her comments. “It wasn’t that long ago,” she told E! Daily Pop on Monday, April 25. — It was 2019. Literally, the smallest, innocent little thing. …I think in the series you didn’t see the time frame, and it just seemed worse. And it was literally the smallest thing. The end of the story. We will close it now.”

Despite the drama, Affleck and the Stripper actress “couldn’t be happier,” a source tells us. “It doesn’t affect their relationship at all,” the insider adds. Lo is very confident in what they have. She won’t let anyone ruin their relationship.”

The couple revived their early 2000s romance last year after Lopez called off her engagement to fiance Alex Rodriguez. In May 2021, we confirmed that Gigli’s co-stars were “full dates,” and the Grammy nominee officially announced their relationship on Instagram, celebrating her birthday a few months later. In her JLo newsletter on April 8, she announced that Affleck had asked a question.

“I was smiling so big and tears were streaming down my face, feeling incredibly happy and whole,” the second act star said of the proposal, which was made while she was in the bath. “It wasn’t anything special, but it was the most romantic thing I could ever imagine… just a quiet Saturday night at home, two people promising to always be there for each other.”