Ben Affleck and J.Lo Paid Only $75 for their wedding, but Later took care of the pastor


While the 2022 movie release schedule includes two separate films starring Jennifer Lopez and weddings, this is the real deal that people are still talking about. Her recent marriage to Ben Affleck was the source of all sorts of stories and reactions to the event itself, and Pastor Ryan Wolfe was another party that was in the spotlight. In a recent interview, the popular preacher explained that Affleck and Lopez paid only $75 for their wedding, and also took care of him on the side.

In a conversation with producer Eddie from The Bobby Bones Show, an employee of the Little White Chapel was asked if he was tempted to raise prices. Considering that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are getting married, the temptation was definitely there. Although, as he explained, Ryan Wolfe only gave them the standard rate; upon receiving vague but neat advice:

I wish, man. I’d like to do that. We just have the usual base price. They paid $75 for the chapel, and then took care of me at the end, tipped me. …I’ll tell you so, there were less than a few thousand of them.

Apparently, this was the only radio interview that Wolfe gave, although not the only one, as producer Eddie initially believed. We’ve definitely seen other quotes from a real pastor whose performance at a famous Las Vegas landmark is a side job when he doesn’t care about his flock. As he has said in the past, Ryan Wolfe believes that Bennifer 2.0 will continue, and confirmed this when talking about the ceremony.

Speaking of which, it’s good that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez tipped Pastor Wolf as well as they did. While we knew that another couple was waiting with the famous couple for their turn at the holy nuptials, Affleck and Lopez apparently entered the Little White Chapel right to the wire. Here’s how Ryan Wolfe explained his version of what happened:

We had no idea they were coming, we were really going to close. I just finished my fifth wedding at 9pm and it was just me and our coordinator there. That’s all there was. I saw the Escalade drive up. At first I didn’t recognize them, they walked in, and I thought, “Dude, I know them.” I know them. I know them!” And then I compared who they were, and they said, “Do you have time to make another one?” and I was like, “Oh, yeah. We can make another one.

On the one hand, it sucks when someone comes in at the end of your shift. However, if they are polite, then it will be easy to make the decision that Ryan Wolfe made. Taking the situation up a notch, if Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez ask you if you have time for the last wedding, you can probably bet that something inside you will say Yes without question. That is, if you can recognize them in time to make a decision.

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Although Wolfe did not inflate the price and did not make any ridiculous demands on the Hollywood influential couple, he had a simple request. This was to be expected, as he asked if he could take a selfie with Lopez and Affleck after the service. But to seal the deal, Ryan Wolfe outlined his request with some very specific caveats:

I asked them. I said, “Hey, can we take a picture? I know you all don’t want photos or videos, and I respect that. But could you guys take a picture on your phone, take a selfie on your phone, and could you send it to me after the news gets out and you guys are legally married?” I’m still waiting for that photo, way.

It’s a shame that Ryan Wolfe doesn’t have this photo, especially since at the moment the cat is officially out of the bag. Although Lopez and Affleck are planning a second ceremony, and it would be appropriate if they accidentally invited as a guest the person who arranged it all. Maybe then Wolfe will be able to get a copy of his painting, but who knows? At least this person has something to tell, and an eager audience ready to listen; this is what any good pastor hopes for on a weekly basis.

What we do know is that you can see one of Jennifer Lopez’s fictional 2022 weddings thanks to the fact that Marry Me is available for streaming to all Amazon Prime subscribers. As for other cinematic weddings, they will appear in the form of a “Shotgun Wedding,” which is also scheduled to premiere on Prime Video later this year.


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