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Impressions of titles like Ben 10: Power Trip, Transformers: Battlefield, Zoids and The Mighty Paw Patrol Save Adventure Bay

Children’s and family video games are one of the most attractive bets to share a lazy afternoon with the little ones. Some of them with an educational component, others with the simple objective of entertaining without further aspirations, but always with a purpose of uniting parents and children at the console or computer and offering them a joint playful activity. Outright Games was established for the same purpose in 2016, and has specialized in creating titles based on highly successful film and television works. Thus, they brought us titles like Adventure Time: Pirates of Enchiridion or Jumanji: The Video Game. Recently, we have attended the virtual presentation of their new releases and we have been able to test them remotely. Today we anticipate what we can expect from Transformers: Battlefield, Paw Patrol: Salva Bahía Aventura, Ben 10 Power Trip and Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed.

Transformers: Battlefield

Transformers is one of those franchises whose affection lasts throughout the generations. As toys, television series, comics or movies, robot vehicles have become an icon of popular culture shared by adults and children.

On October 23, Coatsink studio presents Transformers: Battlefield for Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. In this installment, Bumblebee and the Autobots must team up to save Earth from the evil Megatron, who is getting closer to the world. Allspark. We, as new commanders, will lead our squad on an expedition from Central City to Cybertron.

With animation that evokes the classic series, an elegant adaptation to 3D, beautiful settings and an absurd and innocent humor, we must create our squad and orchestrate their performances. It is a turn-based strategy title, in which we have action points that we will distribute between movement, attack or defense. Each of our units – selectable from a generous menu – will have certain special features and abilities, such as Bumblebee’s classic and devastating Sting Attack. Creating a balanced team will be easy, since the complexity of the combat system is very affordable for all ages. According to the study itself, they have sought to create a strategy title that pleases both novices of the genre and experienced players, for which they have created three levels of difficulty.

Also, the game’s interface is quite intuitive, with a correct location and legible texts. From an isometric perspective, we can visually assess across the map to identify enemy troops. With intuitive navigation, we will easily get hold of the controls and menus. When selecting a unit, the areas to which we can move at no extra cost will be illuminated, after which we will have to assess whether to use action points in a greater movement distance or reserve them for another action. Coverage will also be important for defense, since we can protect ourselves from the enemy’s field of action and force him to adopt another position. The role of the Autobots that can transform you into aerial vehicles is also important, since they are key to avoiding obstacles and reaching the enemy more quickly.

It has been confirmed that we will have local multiplayer mode, but at the moment we have not delved into it.


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