Below Deck: Why Captain Jason made the Right Decision by Firing Ryan and Magda


In a recent episode of the TV series “Below Deck Below,” viewers saw how Captain Jason Chambers made the easy decision to fire Magda Ziomek and Ryan McCown. The new captain is no stranger to making difficult decisions, and he proudly leads his ship. Fans like Captain Jason’s serious approach, but not all of his team liked him.

Captain Jason may be the new sea stallion, but he doesn’t take prisoners when it comes to following the rules. This captain does not allow something like his age to interfere with the realization of his talents, since he is the youngest captain Below deck. Over the years, fans have learned that Captain Jason has changed his approach to leadership, showing how he wants his team to have fun. The Australian hunk shared with fans that he wants to create a relaxed atmosphere, but not at the expense of their patrons.

Fans of “Below Deck: Below” have no doubt that Captain Jason did the right thing when he decided to fire Magda and Ryan due to lack of diligence. Captain Jason has been hunting for a new boss for almost the entire season, as the Philadelphia native has focused more on his bad attitude than on providing quality food. Aisha Scott’s third course didn’t impress her with hours of phone calls to her boyfriend, whom she didn’t trust. Eventually, both crew members exhausted their greetings on the boat.

Although finding a new chef or stew wasn’t easy due to quarantine restrictions in Australia, Captain Jason was finally able to kick Ryan and Magda to the curb. Bravo viewers had little sympathy for the two as they teamed up to become the hooligans of the season as both chose Aisha, who is a fan favorite. Captain Jason couldn’t risk mutiny, so the fans were happy to see Magda and Ryan go according to plan.

Now with a team that really wants to work, Captain Jason is ready to end the season on a high note. Fans of Under Deck Down Under are looking forward to how Jason will handle the newcomers, and know that he is delighted with his decision. Currently, Jamie Syed, the boatswain, works together with his sailor Benny Crowley, so at the moment it seems that the team lives in harmony, which is what Captain Jason has always dreamed of.