Below Deck: Colin McRae celebrates his bromance with Harry & Marcos


Fans like the romance between the crew members of season 3 “Under the deck of a sailing yacht” chief engineer Colin McRae, first assistant Gary King and chef Marcos Spaziani. Colin and Gary worked together in the second season of “Under the Deck of a Sailing Yacht” and became friends. While Gary was trying to cope with the consequences of his love triangle with Ally Door and Sidney Zaruba, Colin was often a good listener and mouthpiece. Their friendship suffered a slight blow when Colin told chef Daisy Kelliher what Gary had secretly told him about Sydney. However, Colin apologized, and everything was fine between them.

Marcos made his debut as the chef of Parsifal III in the third season of Under the Deck of a Sailing Yacht, and the team immediately liked him for his laid-back nature. The sub-deck yachts are used to temperamental cooks, but Marcos always remained calm and pleasant even under pressure. Marcos, Gary and Colin had to share a cabin on the Parsifal III, and the three often got close after a long day at work. In a recent episode, Marcos lost someone dear to him and shared the sad news with Gary right before a gourmet dinner for charter guests. The first officer listened sympathetically to Marcos and said he would help in any way he could.

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Colin paid tribute to the bromance of the three crew members of the Parsifal III in a recent Instagram post. Colin shared footage from the last episode of the third season, “Under the Deck of a Sailing Yacht,” in which he, Gary and Marcos fight after a night of drinking. Colin captioned the video with the words: “Game fights are a testosterone—fueled way to show love and affection. You just don’t play fight with people you don’t like.” The chief engineer, who is now dating Silvia Latini, joked that it is often difficult for him to express his love for friends, which is expressed in the “good old blow”. Colin added: “Our bromance is considered the greatest love story in the history of reality TV, and a slightly drunk spoon with my brothers speaks for itself.”

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Colin recognized his high-pitched giggle, which was recorded by a surveillance camera in the cabin. The audience liked the healthy scene between the three men, and they considered it the best scene of the whole season. Many were particularly amused by the fact that their jokes continued while everyone else on the boat was asleep. Fans of Under Deck Sailing Yacht commented that they enjoyed watching the men celebrate their friendship, and one of them wrote: “This is my favorite scene from any season below deck (all of them), the innocence and pure joy that you guys have been broadcasting on TV. The bromance is real.”

The third season of Under Deck Sailing Yacht was not easy for the team. They had several demanding charter guests, one of whom became the worst in the history of the Under Deck. Captain Glenn Shepherd had to fire Tom Pearson at the beginning of the season due to a serious mistake made by the green sailor. Gabriela Barragan also left the second stew, but decided to do it on her own. As the season drew to a close, fans of the steamy yacht below deck were delighted to see the carefree fun between Colin, Gary and Marcos.