Bella Thorne with a cut-out dress and a rose bouquet!


Benjamin Mascolo offered a huge bouquet of roses to her darling Bella Thorne! The famous actress still can’t believe it …

In her Instagram story, Bella Thorne appears with a huge bouquet of roses in her hands. The star of social networks then thanks her darling Benjamin Mascolo and declares her love for him.

With every appearance on the Web, Bella Thorne is unanimous with her millions of fans. They are crazy about her superb pictures!

And for once, they are served! Every day, the very famous American actress feeds her various social networks with photos, each more beautiful than the next.

Her Instagram account thus appears as the showcase of her most beautiful images. You can spend hours there!

More than 24 million Internet users follow Bella Thorne’s activity on the platform. Yes, you did hear!

And to their delight, she has just added new story photos.


On Wednesday, December 23, Bella Thorne added 2 new photos of herself to her Instagram story. And her fans rejoice!

The social media star strikes a pose in a sublime slit house dress, with a very large bouquet of roses in her hands.

There are hundreds of them! The very famous American actress and singer seems to really appreciate this adorable attention.

You will no doubt have understood it, so her darling is at the origin. And yet, he hasn’t done things by halves.

Very moved, Bella Thorne then sent him a little message. “I love my boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo.”

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Between them, therefore, is mad love! We let you take a look at the story of the star.


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