Bella Thorne: Sydney Leathers Angry She Joined OnlyFans


Bella Thorne’s listing on the OnlyFans site keeps talking. Now it’s Sydney Leathers, a charming actress who reacted!

The OnlyFans platform has been making a lot of noise since Bella Thorne joined it. Indeed, the latter won nearly $ 2 million …

A nice jackpot, but one that gets people talking! Indeed, Bella’s ex did not hesitate to rule.

The latter explained that Bella Thorne did not realize how much she could hurt people. He even went so far as to say that she was ripping off her fans!

Indeed, many are those who have subscribed thinking they find naked photos of the beauty. However, it is not !

Yep, if there is criticism of Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans account … It’s because she is overshadowing sex workers!

Indeed, they stormed the platform during containment to make money. Thus, the arrival of the star makes them lose money.


So Bella Thorne apologized saying she wanted to promote OnlyFans by signing up. She also explained that she did it to “fight the stigma” that sex workers face as reported by Fredzone.

However, his apology did not convince Sydney Leathers… Quite the contrary!

Indeed, this actress did not hesitate to clash Bella Thorne. It hurts !

The latter therefore said that the star was “a rich and spoiled girl who wants to make as much money as she can and doesn’t care about the harm she does.”

Sydney Leathers even got the famous Bella to donate what she won for those in need. Indeed, the platform allows sex workers to earn a living …

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Case to be continued …


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