Bella Hadid’s fashion show for Fendi caused a sensation on Instagram


Bella Hadid paraded for the Fendi brand at Milan Fashion Week. Internet users loved the mannequin’s outfits. And her too ! Bella Hadid is one of the fashion icons . Just take a look at her Instagram account to realize it. Especially since her last fashion show … Did you miss it?

This weekend, the famous model paraded for Milan Fashion Week. This time, Bella Hadid was wearing the Fendi brand outfits . Besides, you have to believe that she loved the last clothes they lent her for the event. Bella Hadid therefore wanted to share it with her fans on her Instagram account.

Indeed, the top model from Los Angeles likes to impress . In short, after having chained the podiums, Bella Hadid wanted to make the moment last . In a publication, the 28-year-old young woman sends a message to the brand she loves so much. “The fendi look that saved my life! ! It is my greatest pleasure to participate in this show. I think it’s one of my favorite full looks to date. Thank you ”

As if that were not enough, Bella Hadid then continued to declare her love for the Fendi brand . “Completely in awe of you and what you bring to the table each season. I love you all so so so so much it hurts !!!! 🖤 ​​Thank you ”

For this show, it is therefore the total black look of the model with 28 million followers on Instagram that caused a sensation. In her pretty leather dress fitted at the waist, Bella Hadid is both elegant and sexy. Her hairstyle, too, stands out. First, by her perfectly braided hair. But also for this headband, as original as it is crazy since it is worn under a very elaborate high bun. The fans are completely seduced! One of the internet users wrote to her: “You are the queen for everything. “


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