Bella Hadid’s beauty routine to keep her beautiful skin


Bella Hadid is known for having radiant skin! Indeed, the young woman has a beauty routine that succeeds to perfection! Makeup or not, Bella Hadid’s skin shows no flaws! Indeed, her face is glowy and flawless on all her photos and videos …

According to her own words, Bella Hadid has sensitive and very dry skin ! So, moisturizing creams and bases have been part of her routine for years!

Indeed, impossible for the young woman to forget to hydrate! It is the beauty gesture that she performs EVERY DAY during her beauty routine! But before hydrating Bella also cleans her face with a gentle lotion!

Following this, the top model then applies an oil-infused serum ! Contrary to what one might, the young woman does not exfoliate her face every day … Indeed, her skin is far too sensitive for that!

In terms of make-up, Bella Hadid opts for ultra-light and minimalist makeup! Indeed, the young woman does not clog her pores with an ultra covering complexion! On the contrary, she only applies a concealer to a few areas of her face to simply illuminate it!


On her Instagram photos, Bella Hadid almost never looks made up, even during her photo shoots… However, the young woman’s face is radiant ! And rest assured, this is due its secret is as simple as pie!

Indeed, the top model opts for “no make-up mak-up” almost every day! In other words, Gigi Hadid’s little sister is made up very lightly so that one does not notice that she is made up!

Corrector, tan stick, mascara and lip balm … Bella is content with only her four daily steps to be radiant! Steps she also takes in the “Beauty Secret” video posted on Vogue’s YouTube account! A video that we suggest you watch below ! Take notes !


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