Bella Hadid with big platform XXL boots


In the feed of her Instagram account, the top model Bella Hadid was very sexy with beautiful red XXL boots.

Proud of her new XXL varnished red boots, Bella Hadid poses with her on her Instagram account. She’s not wearing anything else!

Bomb alert ! When Bella Hadid unveils a new post on her Instagram account, her 35 million followers know they’ll all be able to rinse their eyes. And for good reason, the top model can not help blowing hot and cold.

Gigi Hadid’s little sister – who has given birth to her first child – never hesitates to drop her clothes. Modesty ? She does not know! In front of a goal, the pretty brunette is never shy.

In fact, singer The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend proves it with one of her latest published photos. The one we are talking about dates from last Sunday, November 15.

On this one, Bella Hadid is not wearing any clothes. Except for a little panties, which you hardly see due to their nude color. However, the model didn’t forget to put on her boots.

So it’s a pair of red patent boots with huge heels. That’s not all ! They are also distinguished by their XXL platform. In any case, Zayn Malik’s sister-in-law adores them, and doesn’t want to take them off anymore.


And according to her legend, the main interested party is not the only one who has fallen in love with these shoes. “They posted sold-out in just 5 minites @chromeheartsofficial,” she wrote in the caption.

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Thus, Bella Hadid’s post gets over a million likes in a matter of hours. And in the comments section we can read dozens of compliments. All as pleasant as each other.

Indeed, Bella Hadid receives tons of messages from her fans. But also of his friends, in particular Hailey Bieber. “Yes ma’am you did! 🙌🏼🙌🏼😍 “, she rejoices.


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