Bella Hadid topless under the denim shirt: she reveals everything! (PHOTO)


The sublime top model Bella Hadid panicked all her Instagram followers by posting a beautiful photo of her topless under a denim shirt.

Bella Hadid is one of the most beautiful models on the planet. So it’s always a pleasure when she posts a new photo. What’s more when she is topless!

According to a recent study, Bella Hadid would be perfect. An English doctor used the Golden Number to prove that. According to these proportions, the top model corresponds to what the ancient Greeks considered ideal. His face would indeed be almost symmetrical. It would therefore be close to perfection. Not only Bella Hadid has a beautiful face, but also a sublime body.

The young woman took advantage of a moment of calm to take a very hot shot. Although she is photographed all day long, it is also a pleasure. So she posted on her Instagram account a very nice shot taken by her. The least we can say is that its subscribers were delighted!

Sitting on synthetic lawn, Bella Hadid seems at ease. Behind her is a small, comfortable sofa. Surrounded by beautiful plants, the model of Palestinian origin seems to be resting. It is surely well deserved! She chose to wear little makeup and didn’t tie her hair, which is great. Her long tanned legs barely conceal a white thong. An open denim shirt barely hides his chest. Difficult to make sexier!

Fans of Bella Hadid really appreciated this photo and we made it known. “I really want you to be my girlfriend,” admits one of them. “I love you,” added another. “Much too hot,” said a third admirer. That has the merit of being clear !


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