Bella Hadid: Thanks to Rihanna


23-year-old world-famous model Bella Hadid posted frames from Rihanna’s underwear brand fashion show on her social media account. Hadid’s ambitious posts rained likes from his followers

American model Bella Hadid has released new frames from Rihanna’s underwear brand fashion show.

Sharing his assertive poses with his followers on his social media account, Hadid dropped the note, “Thanks to Rihanna, who turned the woman who watched television by not wearing make-up for 6 months and eating bitter chips”.

The shares of 23-year-old Bella Hadid received more than 995 thousand likes and comments.

Gigi-Bella and Anwar Hadid’s father, Mohammed Hadid, recently made statements about their daughters.

71-year-old Hadid, the father of two of the world’s most famous models, stated that people tried to humiliate himself by using their children’s profession.

Mohammed Hadid had said that he had turned down many job offers to avoid harming his children’s career.


Hadid explained, “Being their father is a tremendous burden. It’s dangerous for me to be their father. I must be very careful.

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