Bella Hadid super: she poses topless on Instagram! (PHOTO)


Bella Hadid set fire to her Instagram account again. The top model dropped the top for his whole community in his story!

Bella Hadid has just ignited Instagram with an alluring cliché. The young woman was also displayed topless in her story!

We no longer present Bella Hadid ! For several years, it has been all the rage in the fashion world ! With her sister Gigi, the pretty brunette has also become the muse of the greatest creators. Right now it’s also Fashion Week in Paris! Unsurprisingly, the top model has been seen in several fashion shows. Unsurprisingly, her star appearance and pretty face attracted all eyes on the “catwalks” .

Some Bella Hadid fans love to compare her to Carla Bruni, the former first lady of France. In the past, Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife has also had a career in the modeling world. It is true that both have fine features and almond shaped eyes . Meanwhile, Gigi’s sister continues to make the show during parades in the capital. And it’s a safe bet that she will have a short break after this hectic week!

It’s no secret that Bella Hadid is addicted to her social networks . The young woman has more than 28 million followers on Instagram. Without a filter, she enjoys sharing her daily life with her community. She shares her shoots, but also her trips to the 4 corners of the world. The pretty brunette also likes to show off from every angle. It is not uncommon for her to wear a bikini to the delight of her fans .

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A few hours ago, Bella Hadid also made the buzz on Instagram. The reason ? The model immortalized herself in her story . For her photo, Gigi’s sister just opted for jeans. On the picture in question, the young woman is also stunning. The proof in pictures! It’s a safe bet that all of its subscribers were all captivated by its beauty. We let you admire!


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