Bella Hadid Stunned Her Followers With This Image


“Angel!”: Bella Hadid the native while “lying on the grass.” Look! The American model stunned her followers with this image.

Isabella Khair Hadid, better known as Bella Hadid, is one of the most sought after models in the world, because she owns an enviable figure.

In addition, Gigi Hadid’s sister bears an unparalleled beauty, in fact, she shared with her followers a close-up of her natural face. OMG!

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laying in the grass

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“Laying on the grass,” said the American model from her official Instagram account next to the commented image.

As we can see, Bella Hadid is lying on the grass and, as a detail, it can be seen that she looks “washed face”, without a drop of makeup.

Finally, the 23-year-old celebrity fans decided to invade the photography network with thousands of compliments for the international top.

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