Bella Hadid out of the spotlight: she becomes Mother Christmas for a good cause!


On her Instagram account, Bella Hadid shared several photos where she turned into Santa Claus for a very good cause!

She’s a completely different Bella Hadid than the interns have seen on social media. Indeed, the young woman decided to transform into Mother Christmas. The reason ? It helps children but also families by bringing them happiness. All at the end of the holiday season.

On her Instagram account, Bella Hadid shared photos where she reveals her fight. In caption of her photos, Bella Hadid also wrote, “With more than 60,000 people in New York’s shelter system and more than 20,000 of them being children, the work that Nyomomeless does with their annual toy drive Christmas is so impressive ”.

Kylie Jenner’s friend also continued, “Beyond inspiration and crushing (in the best way). Like any other child, these children and their families deserve more than anything to receive great gifts. And a smile on their faces every holiday season. To see how much time these incredible, hard-working, selfless Coalition women and men have spent year after year. It inspires me to help where I can. ”

Bella Hadid also added, “And I hope that inspires you too! Yesterday, I had the chance to lend a hand. Go to the website. In order to make donations. Whether it’s your time, your energy but also your gifts, etc. I drew my attention to They have an abundant amount of facts and information. Most importantly, a “Get Help” link. It is so necessary. And it makes me smile to know that there is a place to go when they feel they have no one. ”

Finally, the model also concluded, “Everyone needs love. And it’s good to ask for help. Thank you nyhomeless “. With her photos, she also collected more than 238,000 “likes”. Under his shots, Internet users also congratulated the young woman for this sublime cause!


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