Bella Hadid Opens The Leather Jacket And … Surprise,She Has Nothing Else


“Blaster!”: Bella Hadid opens the leather jacket and … surprise, she has nothing else! The American model left her followers speechless with these two unexpected photographs. Do not miss it!

Bella Hadid is one of the most sought after international models in the world, as the 23-year-old top owns an enviable figure and beauty.

On this occasion, we can see Gigi Hadid’s sister boast a natural body and face, that is, with a washed face and without a drop of makeup. OMG!

Now, the most surprising of all this is that the American model posed for the cameras only with the bottom of the underwear and a leather jacket.

As we can see, the top that debuted at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2016 wears nothing down its top garment … yes, the closure is open and it looks too much!

Finally, we highlight that Bella Hadid’s fans quickly filled the comment box of the network of hearts. It is not for less!

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