Bella Hadid very moved to cover Vogue Paris!


On her Instagram account, Bella Hadid shared a photo where she confided that she was very moved to cover Vogue Paris!

Very active on social networks, Bella Hadid knows how to make the buzz and seduce her fans. Whether it appears naturally or at the top, especially for the cover of Vogue Paris, it always has a little something extra.

Recently, Bella Hadid posted a new photo on social media where she appeared naturally. Needless to say, she won over her fans in a very short time with this shot.

This Tuesday, May 26, Bella Hadid also posted a new photo on her Instagram account. The young woman unveiled the cover of Vogue Paris that she had the honor of making. Besides, she seemed quite moved by this new success.

Dressed in a tight-fitting white dress with flounces at the arms, the model also opted for large earrings and large bracelets.

In caption of her Instagram photo, the pretty blonde also wrote: “Wow … Thanks @emmanuellealt & @inezandvinoodh .. it’s hard to explain what a dream to work with you every time …”.

Bella Hadid also added, “I look forward to seeing you again. W / two Incredible Artists @fulviafarolfi @ pureward100. French Vogue May 2020 “. A nice message that is sure to please the main stakeholders.

With her photos, the young woman has collected more than 248,000 “likes” in just an hour from her fans. In the comments, the latter did not fail to compliment her.

It must be said that it appeared more sublime than ever to make the cover of the famous magazine. Her embers look did not fail to cause a sensation on the Web.

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For his part, Inez and vinoodh said: “I miss everything. But so proud of this whole series which celebrates our dreams of eccentricity. ” The two seem close enough.


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