Bella Hadid makes a donation to the food bank facing the coronavirus!


Since the start of containment, many stars have mobilized in the fight against Covid-19. Actors, musicians, singers, athletes or models, they all do it!

Starting with the actors, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds! The couple donate $ 1 million to hospital staff.

Indeed, these last two allow them to buy more masks, gloves but also protective gloves so that they can continue to save lives!

But they are not the only ones to be so generous! Thus, Bella Hadid also wants to participate in the fight against the coronavirus!

On her Instagram account, Bella Hadid then announced good news to her fans. She supports the food bank and makes a huge donation to help them!

So Bella Hadid shares a series of photos of food bank volunteers. Besides, she posts a very long message in the legend of her publication.

“I am proud to donate and support both @feedingamerica and @ foodbank4nyc to ensure everyone has access to the food they need during this time of uncertainty. ”

“I couldn’t stop thinking about mothers and fathers alone at home. Having to keep food on the table for their families 24 hours a day (…) ”

“(…) If you can help, I would like you to join me in making a donation,” wrote Bella Hadid. And even if you can’t, practice social distancing. ”

Indeed, the model insists with her community! “(…) Staying home when you can is the best gift you and your community can give you right now ❤️”

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