Bella Hadid launched an important call for solidarity!


On her Instagram account, the pretty Bella Hadid shared new photos where she made a very important appeal for solidarity!

This Sunday, December 20, and with the approach of cold, Bella Hadid launched an appeal for solidarity. In fact, on her Instagram account, she has made her fans aware of people who cannot afford to buy warm clothes.

Captioning her Instagram photos, Bella Hadid explained, “The snow has been beautiful but everyday, as it gets colder, I can’t stop thinking about the people who don’t have homes this winter.”

Bella Hadid also continued, “These people who walk to work every morning in the snow without the clothes they need. The bad ass street workers ”. She also shared her thoughts.

The young woman said: “I always think of people who might not be able to afford thick, warm coats. For themselves, their children, their parents, etc. ”.

She also explained, “It makes me emotional to think, in particular, of how they get to work in the morning. It’s been a difficult year, and so many people have been deeply affected by the loss of jobs, of homes. ”


Bella Hadid also added, “And on top of everything, this fucking snow has happened. It causes a lot of sadness and discouragement ”. The pretty blonde has therefore sorted out her clothes.

The young woman said she gave her hottest things to The People’s table. They distribute the clothes to people in need. The pretty brunette has also sensitized her fans.

The model asked: “Do you have anything you can give to The Peoples Table in New York?” That would be so cool… And even if you just have a thing or two… anything helps! “.

Gigi Hadid’s sister also concluded: “(…) It is so important that we continue to support our communities (…) If you or I were going through a difficult time, we were hoping that someone, somewhere, could watch too. on us “.


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