Bella Hadid is once again behind the stove!


Bella Hadid becomes a great cook! The model returns to the stoves to cook a super appetizing dessert! Bella Hadid is having fun! The pretty model spends more and more time in her kitchen… This time, she finds herself behind the stove to prepare a good dessert!

Because Gigi’s sister is not a model like any other. Indeed, she often criticizes the pressure put on models to stay slim, to always stay fresh and available…

She often seems disappointed by the thoughts and prejudices about her job… Bella Hadid likes to break them on Instagram. In her story of the day, she therefore shows that she eats like everyone else …

Head for the stoves, then, to cook a very tasty dessert … But also very rich! It therefore displays the ingredients. Her fans undoubtedly gained jute pounds while watching!

So we can see that she is putting on baking soda, baking soda. She also adds flour, chocolate, butter, chocolate chips … In total, Bella Hadid is surrounded by a dozen ingredients!


It must also be said that the top model spent her day in the kitchen. From lunchtime, she indulges herself with pasta, and a homemade onion-based sauce … But a little salad on the side, anyway.

In the afternoon, we therefore move on to snack time: Bella Hadid ditch the salad to become much more greedy. She takes care of all the preparation from A to Z to finish with a big chocolate cake!

She kneads, mixes and also adds white chocolate chips … Then she lets stand. A rich recipe, long, but which makes you want! Because the result she displays looks very appetizing.

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She can finally taste her “blondie chai with a touch of cinnamon” … And flaunts herself in culinary ecstasy! Like what, Bella Hadid knows very well how to have fun!


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