Bella Hadid Invites You to Admire the Photos and Videos

Bella Hadid just posted a series of photos from her Moschino show! She was wearing a candy pink dress very “Marie Antoinette”!

Bella Hadid has just posted a series of several photos on Instagram … Indeed, on the pictures the sublime 23-year-old top model is playing Marie-Antoinette …

Pair of white gloves, wig with XXL volime, corset dress, pearl around the neck. .. Bella Hadid looked very much like Marie-Antoinette during the last Moschino Haute Couture show! The darling of The Weeknd was accompanied by her big sister, Bella Hadid, also a model!

Internet users loved this publication! In fact , the post has already accumulated more than 400,000 likes . And almost as many comments! But before letting you discover a few, She invites you to admire the photos and videos below! Bella is absolutely sublime in her very 18th century look!

” Moschino! With my favorite flower arrangement of all time. So much fun thank you @itsjeremyscott I love you you are a legend! »She wrote on Instagram, to accompany her post! Obviously, Bella Hadid loved this extraordinary parade … Indeed, you just have to see her broad smile on the photos!

Internet users therefore loved these photos! Indeed, many have commented on them … And the least we can say is that they are not stingy with compliments! “But what a beauty this Bella Hadid…. I love this very French look, it suits you very well, your wig is at the top ! ” Or: ” I love this candy pink dress … Your big sister (Gigi Hadid (25), NDRL) is also super beautiful, I think! »Can we read on the social network ! Messages that will make the two sisters very happy!

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