Bella Hadid hot, she brings blue locks up to date!


Bella Hadid caused a stir on Instagram by posting a photo of her with blue locks! An atypical style that was a hit!

Hot in front… Bella Hadid just unveiled a photo of her with blue locks! An original color that its Instagram followers have validated!

For her last shoot for Marc Jabobs, Bella Hadid opted for a hairstyle that left no one indifferent! Indeed, the beautiful brunette had blue locks!

An atypical look that really pleased its millions of subscribers! Indeed, in the space of just a few hours, the post in question has already accumulated more than 300,000 likes, a real feat!

There are also many comments! Indeed, the fans of Bella Hadid mobilized in the comments bar!


Like each of the Bella Hadid posts, Internet users reacted en masse to its latest publication!

“Too beautiful Bella, everything looks so good on you, even the blue locks!” “Canon this shoot for Marc Jacobs, I love your very 90’s look! This is the style that suits you best! “” What a beauty, the handbag is just crazy! ”

Or, “I hope the blue highlights aren’t just for the shoot because they look so good on you Bella Hadid!” “” Love the picture, you look really cute with blue hair, everything looks good on you anyway! »We can read on the social network of the 23-year-old supermodel!

Comments all more positive than the others and which will therefore please Gigi Hadid’s little sister! So we let you in turn admire the shot in question below, watch out for the eyes the beautiful brunette is divine …

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