Bella Hadid and Gigi: their father is at the worst!


Mohamed Hadid’s 901 Strada LLC is bankrupt! After being accused of illegally building a mansion. The father of top Gigi and Bella Hadid is in a bad time! We explain to you!

Indeed, businessman Mohamed Hadid who is also the father of sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid went bankrupt! For cause he would have built a huge mansion larger than what the city allowed him. Except that all this was done in the name of his company! So Father Hadid’s company is in debt from $ 10 million to $ 50 million.

Add to that other debts, such as more than $ 200,000 in debt to a building materials company. As well as more than $ 93,000 to a demolition company. But also over $ 35,000 to plumbers! Moreover according to TMZ, the taxpayers around would be forced to pay the costs of destruction of the manor. If ever Mohamed Hadid did not pay the 5 million needed.

Thus, following this announcement, the neighbors of Gigi’s father and Bella Hadid filed a lawsuit against him. So, according to the New York Daily News, which also procured the latest legal documents. The trial will take place in March 2020. “If this house came down the hill, it would take away part of the neighborhood. Judge Craig Karlan said at a hearing still according to TMZ. While Mohamed Hadid denies the facts that his house is “dangerous”. So saying to TMZ that “[The house] has not moved a millimeter! It has never been an imminent danger to neighbors. “.

In addition, he asked that the trial be suspended with his neighbors. For him the time to have the results of his filing for bankruptcy. While the neighbors, they, “fear the collapse of the side of the hill. The values ​​of their house are reduced to nothing. In addition, their intimacy and serenity are invaded by the illegal and unsightly structure that threatens them. “. We also learn that since 2015, the city has filed a complaint against Mohamed Hadid for having built without a permit. The 71-year-old father did not contest and was sentenced to community service and fined! Case to follow for Bella Hadid’s dad!


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