Bella Hadid for her shoot for Vogue magazine


Bella Hadid further increased the temperature on Instagram. The pretty brunette took the topless pose for Vogue magazine. What drive internet users crazy!

Bella Hadid is still just as active on social media! Indeed, the young woman takes advantage of the confinement to share her latest projects with her fans.

The bomb reveals his new fashion shoots on his profile. And the least we can say is that his pictures are hot! The top model then met with great success with Internet users.

This Sunday, Gigi’s sister has again decided to spoil her subscribers. Indeed, she unveiled an exclusive video of her last shoot for Vogue magazine. We love !

Bella Hadid poses with ultra sexy outfits. And surprise! The young woman even drops the top and reveals herself topless in front of the camera.

The star poses with a sensual look. She also lets glimpse her dream body with her glamorous clothes. It was therefore not necessary to capsize the hearts of Internet users.

The pretty brunette has won over 680,000 Internet users with her video. But that’s not all ! The young woman also received many compliments from her fans.

“You’re perfect”, “This shoot is sublime”, “What a woman!” “,” The Queen! You are radiant ”can we read in the comments. Like what, Bella Hadid continues to fascinate the planet with her work.

The young woman loves to tickle her fans with her sexy shootings. So she never hesitates to raise the temperature on Instagram.

The it-girl also takes advantage of confinement to launch new challenges. Indeed, Bella Hadid decided to join TikTok. And her first video left no one indifferent. The sulphurous brunette did not stop surprising us!


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