Bella Hadid: in charming mode to pass an important message to her fans!


To raise awareness of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, model Bella Hadid comes up with a funny idea. It attracts attention with a topless photo!

Same fate for everyone! Whether in France or the United States, containment is almost complete! It is allowed to go out only for shopping or to go to the pharmacy or to work.

But that’s all ! However, many people do not follow the instructions! So, the stars are constantly reminding the rules on their social networks. Besides, this is the case of Bella Hadid.

The ex-girlfriend of The Weeknd is very involved in the fight against the coronavirus. So she uses her popularity on Instagram to reach 29.2 million subscribers.

This Friday, March 20, the 23-year-old top model encourages her fans to stay at home. To get attention, she spreads the message in a funny way. Indeed, Bella Hadid is topless!

In the photo, Bella Hadid, topless, is seated in front of a mirror. She only wears pants and shoes. But to hide her naked breasts, she uses her Burrito which she is snacking on.

“Me and my burrito tell you to stay inside! Not only for yourself but also for the whole world and all the people you love… ”begins the sister of the model Gigi Hadid.

“This is crazy because all we have to do is work together to slow this virus down and people are still struggling to understand. Don’t be selfish! Meditate! Hang out with your dog, cat, fish! ”

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“They’re probably super happy to have your attention 24 hours a day … Learn to knit. Write a poem to your mother! (…) Become a better person (…) I love you and I think of you ❤️ ”

His Instagram post is approaching 1 million likes in just 18 hours. In any case, we hope that the message of Bella Hadid, magnificent in topless, will be heard by the greatest number!


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