Bella Hadid celebrates the new year in very sexy lingerie! (PICTURES)


Bella Hadid takes it easy on the beach. For the new year, the young woman has unveiled a very sexy outfit from the famous brand, Dior.

Under the sun ! Bella Hadid is starting this new year 2020 very well. On a beach vacation, the young woman poses very sexy under the blue sky!

The stars have chained the photos for the new year. Kim Kardashian wanted to show the world his love for Kanye West. Caroline Receiver unveiled her new look for 2020 and Justin and Hailey Bieber were photographed in swimsuits! The year is off to a great start for celebrities. Besides, Bella Hadid does not hesitate to have a good time in a heavenly place!

Indeed, to celebrate the New Year, Bella Hadid gave herself a dream vacation. On the program, jet-ski, boat trip and sunbathing. A range of activities much more exciting than the work and the cold that we almost all have! So, for the occasion, the pretty model could not help sharing the best moments of her new year on her Insta account!

Bella Hadid published several photos of her in a swimsuit. She then posed in front of the objective in atomic bomb mode. Sensual mouth, glowing embers and chest forward. The young woman knows how to show off. Besides, she unveiled a strange lingerie made of jeans. Uncomfortable or not, this unique piece is signed Dior! And for Gigi’s sister, what could be better than a straw hat and golden accessories to enhance her outfit!

Bella Hadid’s look was then 100% validated by her fans. Indeed, the post of his 6 photos has greatly exceeded 800,000 likes. Also, the latter generated more than 2000 comments among which we could read: “Magnificent”; “Happy New Year, pretty girl” or “You’re so sexy”! So many messages that applauded the beauty of the star!


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