Believes Xbox Series S will sell more than Series X


In an interview published today (16), Phil Spencer shared his views on future Microsoft consoles, such as believing that the S Series will likely outperform X sales in the long run and may even load games faster due to its lower resolution.

“To be honest, the Series S surprised me in terms of performance. And I believe that, throughout the generation, our expectation is that the price really matters more and we will see the S sell more “, explained Spencer.

Apparently, the company is betting that the decrease in performance is not as important as a more affordable price, and that the S Series can be an effective way to attract Xbox 360 players who have not purchased the device of this generation or who may have opted for the PlayStation 4.

“Maybe buying two US $ 500 consoles (which will sell for R $ 4,999 here in Brazil) is more difficult, so we thought ‘Hey, let’s make sure we have something to draw attention to to buy another device’,” said Phil .

He also did not deny the additional work that developers are facing to deal with the two consoles with different specifications. “It sure takes work. There is no doubt about it. The fact that you have two performance standards now, I will not try to say that it is the same as having one. It is not. We are doing this because we want to expand the market, “said the head of the Xbox division.

The Xbox Series S / X will be released on November 10 this year.

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