Bela Vingança and Borat won awards


The WGA Awards announced the winners at the Hollywood Screenwriters Union award. Emerald Fennell won in the category of Best Original Screenplay for Bela Vengeance, a film for which she was also responsible for directing. In her speech, Fennell stated that she “would like to be able to be at the event and see everyone in person. As it is, I will say thank you from my dark office in England ”.

Borat: Next Cinema Tape won as Best Adapted Screenplay. During his speech of thanks, Sacha Baron Cohen, who co-signed the text with eight other writers, joked that “I can’t help thinking that we won because 60 percent of the Writers Guild worked on this film”. He went on to say that “A film like this is extremely difficult to write, partly because it stars real people whose behavior is completely unpredictable. Well, except, of course, Rudy Giuliani, who did everything we expected ”.

Following the other events, the WGA Awards 2021 featured a virtual ceremony. Actor Kal Penn was the host, presenting the event directly from his home. He made jokes about having problems with audio, about former President Donald Trump, Alexa, and also about his own ethnicity.

Penn ended with a more serious comment, saying that “It was the hard work of those in this union, along with thousands of others in this sector, that provided one of the few comforts that helped us overcome all of that. So, tonight is to celebrate that ”.

With the victories, Bela Vingança and Borat: Next Cinema Tape become the favorites for the respective categories at the Oscar 2021.


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